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GRU Devlog 12 - yemu, gasm and ocpu

October 17, 2021 — G1n

This week I have done several new instructions for yemu. For example all transfer instructions.

Also I have rewritten gasm to support 6502, published it and it should help me with debugging yemu. It supports not very a lot instructions but I hope it is good start.

But I think the coolest what I did this week is ocpu proccessor specification. Currently it is draft but i have already published it here. I hope this specifications will be Turing complete and we will try to implement it in real world. But firstly we need to make this specififcations complete, assembler and emulator for it.

Also smlckz’s idea was to make translator from ocpu assembler instructions to avr to emulate it on arduino!

Hope you liked this post! If you would like to help me, contact me via email, xmpp or irc :)

tags: gru, yemu, gasm, ocpu

GRU Devlog 11 - yemu and channel on libera.chat

October 08, 2021 — G1n

I am making this devlog a bit earlier, because I will be busy on weekends.

This week I didn’t have plan, but it seems I have done some things to yemu: added loading programs from binary file and several instructions - TAX, TAY and NOP.

I think gasm will be made for 6502 firstly, because it is easier then x86 and it would help in testing yemu.

I was trying to make some daily notes in Org Roam (and moved devlog notes there), but it wasn’t very success, but I hope to do it more often :)

Also I have registered #gru channel on libera, so you can join us also on libera.chat :)

Hope you liked this post :). If you would like to help me, contact me via email, xmpp or irc :)

tags: gru, yemu, libera, org-mode, org-roam

GRU Devlog 10 - orsh now like proper shell and gasm

October 03, 2021 — G1n

Hooray! Today is 10’s GRU Devlog! :)

This week i was trying to make notes to org document, to not forget something and put TODOs there for future weeks.

First several days was the most valuable - readline support and signal handling! This means you can use emacs-like bindings there (but i think readline also supports vi bindings, so maybe i will add them too!)

Also we now have very minimal completion support there :), but still proper function need to be added for that (currently only filenames completion)

Orsh also has one session history, so you don’t need to rewrite command from scratch now

And I have started to use it as my main (but had some problems after chsh, so currently is autostarts after bash and i can exit from there any time i will need)

Then I have started making our own assembler - gasm. Currently it only supports NOP, so i haven’t published it yet.

This week I also registered to ~news and shared devlog there (i think this devlog also will be there ;) ) If you have lobste.rs account please contact me to invite me, if you can, because it may advertize GRU more!

Today (Sunday) we had first testing GRU meeting via Jitsi. Thanks to r1k for joining. We need to make something like plan our schedule (to know about what to speak) and discuss meeting time better.

Hope you liked this post and you will join our XMPP muc (if you are not already there) :). If you would like to help me, contact me via email, xmpp or irc :)

tags: gru, org-mode, gasm, orsh, meeting, lobste.rs, tilde.news

GRU Devlog 9 - orsh, orion, bootloader, GRU xmpp room and logo

September 26, 2021 — G1n

This week I didn’t commited a lot, but started some new projects. I made orsh signal handling working (so it won’t exit on ^C) and homedir “handling” (can replace homedir in prompt with ~, and you can use ‘cd ~’ or just ‘cd’ to change dir to homedir)

Also I started making bootloader, but for now it can only detect what CPU is (intel if x86 and amd if x86_64), some additional instructions (msr) and if apic is avalible.

I was trying to make something with orion fs, maybe it will use pak files for initrd. Currently i am making archiver for it, but after that i will need to understand more how vfs working and rewrite initrd to use pak files.

We now have xmpp room (gru@conference.hmm.st) and logo! Thanks to chunk for it!

I was thinking about making weekly or monthly “conferences”. We could do it via jitsi tildeverse instance or tilde.tel (tel.tilde.org.nz) conference. I think jitsi is better, but we should try tilde.tel confernce at least once, why not? :)

Hope you liked this post and you will join our XMPP muc :). If you would like to help me, contact me via email, xmpp or irc :)

tags: gru, orion, orsh, xmpp, tilde.tel, jitsi

GRU Devlog 8 - orsh and published initrd

September 19, 2021 — G1n

This week I have published initrd, but it is not working as expected.

Also I have started one more project - orsh. It is one more shell, but now in C. Maybe it will be easier to port to Orion. It already supports ; but they are working a bit weird.

Also in orsh you can work with environment variables. From today’s morning I am trying to replace bash with it, but still a lot need to be done.

Hope you liked this post and if you would like to help me, contact me via email, xmpp or irc :)

tags: gru, orsh, orion

GRU Devlog 7 - keyboard, paging and WIP initrd in Orion

September 12, 2021 — G1n

This week I was improving Orion. First I made keyboard working, next day paging! Also I have added several new LibC functions. Today I have made scrolling working.

Last few days I was trying to make initrd working (this required heap implementing so I also did that but I don’t know if it works correctly). Currently it can only output /dev directory.

But I made something wrong with %x in printf and it can display weird chars first and then contents of files!

Hope you liked this post and if you would like to help me, contact me via email, xmpp or irc :)

tags: gru, orion

GRU Devlog 6 - yemu, published gxt and interrupts working in Orion

September 05, 2021 — G1n

This week I have published gxt, but it currently works as more (only down scrolling). Also it has a lot of of runtime error (Segmentation fault and others).

I have started working on yemu - Yet another EMUlator. It currently supports only 6502 proccessor with tiny number of instructions (LDA, LDX and LDY)

Today we have fixed interrupts in Orion and now I can implement timer, paging, keyboard and a lot of other things (thanks to quinn and smlckz from tilde.chat)

Hope you liked this post and if you would like to help me, contact me via email, xmpp or irc :)

tags: gru, gxt, yemu, orion

GRU Devlog 5 - First contribution from other person, coreutils and gxt (tui text editor)

August 29, 2021 — G1n

This week I had a lot of new ideas. But I think we have to work on something that have already been started. Also we now have one more coreutils rewrite (now on C to more easily port it to Orion in future).

Also i have started working on some projects that is not ready to be published yet. One of them is gxt - tui text editor.

Currently it can only move cursor and display files. But I think I’ll publish it next week when editing will be working.

Bad news is that my school lessons will start next week so maybe this devlogs won’t be published every week, because of not enough work done. But I don’t know, maybe I’ll have enough time.

Also good news - we have first contribution on codeberg to grsh. I didn’t know this person (because he is not from tildeverse :) ), so it is cool!

Hope you liked this devlog! If you can somehow help us, please contribute to our projects on tildegit/codeberg and/or message me in someway :)

tags: gru, coreutils, contribution, gxt, grsh

GRU Devlog 4 - more projects started, webpage for GRU and organizations on tildegit/codeberg

August 22, 2021 — G1n

In first days of this week I thought it will be not very productive. But I was wrong.

We now have webpage and organizations on tildegit/codeberg:


Also I am working on some new projects:

  • orcc - GRU/Orion Compilers Collection (but currently I am working only on lexer so it is not published yet)

  • gasm - GRU assembler (maybe will be part of GRU binutils. Also not published yet)

  • hexutils - I think hexdump, xxd and some other utils will be in this project

Also I tryed to advertize GRU on ~chat, some users liked us, so maybe soon someone will help me with all this.

And of course if you can help me please contact me in someway! :)

tags: gru, orcc, gasm, hexutils, webpage

GRU DevLog 3 - Orion and dreams about GRU software future

August 15, 2021 — G1n

This week I was trying to make interrupts, paging and other memory things working in Orion. I found this guide and tried to follow it without rewriting the whole project: http://www.jamesmolloy.co.uk/index.html

For now only Global Descriptor Table maybe working.

My current goals/dreams:

  • make filesystem (the coolest would be make Ext2 driver)

  • build GCC hosted compiler (this will help GCC understand our OS better)

My very future dreams:

  • make kernel, libs, ports and soft in different repos

  • make proper way to make “distros” on our kernel

  • make some website with mirror of ports scripts (like in Serenity OS but not in one repo with everything and tool for searching and downloading ports from that mirror)

  • maybe (if i will work a lot on this projects) I’ll make one more account on tilde.team for our organisation (domain name - gru.ttm.sh, is cool), but i’ll ask admins about that

Also I think Orion need new name because i found several projects with this name :)

Some ideas about the GRU name:

  • GRU rocks (or rocking) UNIX

  • GloRious UNIX

  • GloRious Union

If you can help me or have some ideas (name/names or anything else) contact me via email or any other type of contact (irc: g1n on tilde.chat, xmpp: g1n@hmm.st)

tags: gru, orion, dreams